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One of New Zealand’s top homeopaths and homeopathic clinics.

Lee-Anne McCall is one of New Zealand’s top homeopathic clinicians and owner of the Healing Haven Homeopathic Clinic and Dispensary. Her passion is helping people to create health and harmony from within, empowering them to explore their full potential. Homeopathy works with the emotional/mental psyche of the client as well as their physical symptoms, prescribing remedies that allows the body and mind to come into greater balance and peace enabling the physical body to begin its healing.

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The TAO Charitable Trust

The TAO Charitable Trust is dedicated to providing critical holistic services and support, including therapies and tools to children, teenagers and their families.

It is known our children need more support due to modern-day pressures. The vision is to provide ongoing help to those who need it most. The TAO Charitable Trust was formed to provide professional services across holistic therapies.

At the heart of this vision we intend to offer immediate care packages and holistic therapies from professional therapists and care workers. These tailored packages will be delivered to families in immediate need of assistance. We will also offer lifestyle programs and care via programs and coaching, to provide optimum support.

We work encompassing a holistic viewpoint that reflects the essence of ‘Hauora’ Maori philosophy of health and well-being. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe space for therapists to work together in an eco environment.

The Cocoon, a central home-away-from-home, where expert practitioners work together to support and meet the unique needs of each child and teen, as well as their families. The Cocoon will be a safe learning space for the youth—as well as a stable foundation for much-needed parental support. It will be a hub of personal growth for every person who walks through the door in search of help and support.

We will create an online hub for those who need guidance and continued care. We are open to secure a temporary space where we can bring experienced therapists together. Ultimately, we plan to construct The Cocoon, a purpose-built venue. To help our families and communities for this, we need your help and support.

To donate to the TAO Charitable Trust, please visit Give a Little, here: 

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Visionary. Thought leader. Future-shaper. Author. Motivational Speaker.

Maria Boznovska is a visionary, thought leader, adventurer, nurturer, game changer and future-shaper. She is shifting consciousness; empowering people to think differently about themselves and others.

As the inspirational woman behind the highly engaged Facebook community, Live Gratefully, Maria shares inspiration, introspections, poetry and deeply motivational posts, to foster awareness of authentic wellness through mindset, while guiding others to tune into their own presence and heart space in order to fulfil their purpose.

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Naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist and chef

Janella_Purcell_Lifestream_wholefoods A sought-after naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist, iridologist and chef, Janella Purcell has been a regular on Australian television with appearances on Masterchef, and as the “good chef” on Good Chef, Bad Chef. She is also a regular contributor, columnist for many of Australia’s best-loved magazines including Nourish, Woman’s Day and Good Medicine magazines. As an author, Janella has three best-selling books, including Eating for the Seasons, which won the “best health and nutrition” category at the International Gourmand Awards. Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen was also shortlisted for the prestigious award. Her latest is Janella’s Super Natural Foods. She is also the much-loved ambassador of Lifestream wholefood supplements, a brand she has personally used for almost two decades. Janella has combined her vast knowledge of food and nutrition to create a multi-disciplined approach to health and wellbeing. Dedicated to a core philosophy of food as medicine, Janella teaches how to get the most out of our meals – and how to avoid the pitfalls. She has been working with wholefoods since childhood and honing special diets for the past 15 years. Besides her wholefood workshops, media appearances and online work, Janella can be found consulting with clients at her Natural Food and Medicine Store in Sydney’s Surry Hills, as well as from her clinic in Bangalow, Northern New South Wales.


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Integrative and Natural Medicine Doctor

dr_kathleen_beat_burnout_bookDr Kathleen is an integrative and natural medicine doctor. She consults with people from all walks of life, from the very young and the elderly, to housemakers and Hollywood stars. A passionate advocate for whole person health, speaks regularly for corporate and educational organisations and wellness retreats in New Zealand. She’s been featured on TVNZ’s Breakfast Show, in the New Zealand Herald, Good Health Choices, Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, Next and New Idea, Oh! Baby and Australian Natural Health magazines. She has also been highlighted as a natural medicine expert by Hardy’s Health Stores and an official ambassador for natural supplement brand, Red Seal and holistic home and personal care brand, ecostore. She’s also a regular guest on ‘Saturday Fresh’ with Carly Flynn on Radio Live, Newstalk ZB, Coast and the Mix FM radio stations, and is a monthly columnist for Good Health Choices magazine.

Dr Kathleen was featured in NZ Herald Viva (September 2014) as one of the top ten health practitioners in the country.


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Organic Face & Body Therapy

earth_spaEarth Spa is a peaceful, grounding space to rejuvenate and experience the best of nature. Therapists focus on the whole person through healing treatments and holistic therapies. The recently renamed spa (formerly X-Factor) also offers health and holistic education and training, including a depth of experience with pure therapeutic grade essential oils for health, happiness and wellness. Earth Spa is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of PHYT’S Certified Organic skincare to spas and salons nationwide. The spa itself is harmonised from electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless and electrical equipment via GIA Wellness Technology. Therapists use only luxury Egyptian cotton linen and all products are chemical and toxic free, and environmentally friendly.

Only eco-friendly sustainable materials and fabrics have been used in Earth Spa’s construction, including:

• Bamboo flooring is a renewable and sustainable resource. It is one of the fastest growing plants taking only 4-6 years to mature. It is resistant to insects and moisture and is green rated eco-sustainable.
• Ceiling tiles are made of raw materials, 100% biodegradable and have a class A sound absorption. They also offer fire protection and hygienic facing. The tiles are free from asbestos and formaldehyde. The first green acoustic ceiling tile worldwide.
• Paint is water based with low VOC (volatile organic compound) and levels of environmental harmful substances have been eliminated or reduced
• The Woodtex fence has a small footprint and is eco-friendly. The timber is offcuts sourced from sustainable plantations only. Woodtex is free from VOC or ODP (ozone depleting products) and is ideal for use in any green star related projects.


My Mind Coach

Kylie_Ryan_My_Mind_Coach_CommunecoKylie Ryan is Australia’s leading weight loss motivation expert, headlining the revolution of inspired, action-oriented women to help create real health, from the inside out. Kylie teaches women who have “tried it all” why their past diet efforts end in self-sabotage at the bottom of the biscuit tin, and how to finally to kick judgement to the kerb and begin a romance of self-love, self-belief and self-worth. Having lost 30 kilograms and transformed her own life, the mother-of-two knows firsthand how to make a lasting change from “fat and frustrated” to slim and sexy. Kylie is a mindset specialist—more than a life coach—she is a transformational healer, hypnotherapist and teacher, who has helped hundreds of women change their bodies and their lives. Kylie inspires women around the world via her highly successful weight loss mindset blog She creates inspiring transformations through her Goddess Body Quest eight-week mindset program. Sign up for Kylie’s free weight loss hypnosis session and e-course here.


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Chained Dog

CDANZ LogoChained Dog Awareness New Zealand (CDANZ) is a volunteer-run charity that is fighting to end the life-chaining of dogs in New Zealand. There are currently no laws in New Zealand that prevent dog owners from chaining their pet for life – so many dogs live in appalling conditions, without proper care and as a result are euthanized by council, or fade away and die. CDANZ aim to change these laws by creating awareness about the plight of chained dogs. Since 2001, CDANZ has helped hundreds of mistreated dogs. The charity provides education and support to pet owners, to improve the quality of life of chained dogs, and if a dog is relinquished by its owner, CDANZ rehabilitate it then re-home it with a loving ‘forever family’ – so it can have the life it deserves.

CDANZ live by the quote from the mighty Gandhi:

“The greatness of a national and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


Sensitive, The Movie


Singer and songwriter Alanis Morissette details her life as a scientifically diagnosed Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) in a film by Emmy award-winning hybrid transmedia agency The GlobalTouch Group, Inc. SENSITIVE — THE UNTOLD STORY, directed by Will Harper, is based on the findings of author Elaine Aron (The Highly Sensitive Person, The Highly Sensitive Child, The Highly Sensitive Person, and others) and looks closely at the the innate temperament trait of high sensitivity in 1991 and the scientific studies behind it. Aron and her husband Dr Arthur Aron are two of the leading scientists studying the psychology of love and close relationships and pioneers in studying sensitivity and love using functional magnetic resonance imaging. A long-time follower of Aron’s work, Morissette contacted the film’s producers and offered to be interviewed for the highly anticipated film, hoping her story would help other HSPs.

“Without having read your book I would have continued to feel like an insane person,” Morisette tells Aron in SENSITIVE — THE UNTOLD STORY.

One in five people are considered highly sensitive and become easily overwhelmed in situations that many would regard as normal. According to research findings, Highly Sensitive Persons are often labeled shy, however, shyness is learned and not innate. Biologists have found high sensitivity in 100 species from fruit flies, birds, and fish to dogs, cats, horses, and primates.

“This trait reflects a certain type of survival strategy, being observant before acting,” Aron says. “The brains of highly sensitive persons (HSPs) actually work a little differently than others, processing and reflecting on information more deeply.”

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