Chained Dog Awareness New Zealand (CDANZ) is a volunteer-run charity that is fighting to end the life-chaining of dogs in New Zealand. There are currently no laws in New Zealand that prevent dog owners from chaining their pet for life – so many dogs live in appalling conditions, without proper care and as a result are euthanized by council, or fade away and die. CDANZ aim to change these laws by creating awareness about the plight of chained dogs.

Since 2001, CDANZ has helped hundreds of mistreated dogs. The charity provides education and support to pet owners, to improve the quality of life of chained dogs, and if a dog is relinquished by its owner, CDANZ rehabilitate it then re-home it with a loving ‘forever family’ – so it can have the life it deserves.

CDANZ live by the quote from the mighty Gandhi:

“The greatness of a national and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

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