Calligraphy Yoga Workshop in Auckland, New Zealand

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Respected yoga teacher, Master Yang, will hold a three-day workshop in Auckland, New Zealand, on August 22, 23 and 24.

Calligraphy Yoga has been in development for 16 years and is a direct result of reflex mind combined with his knowledge of 3D movement, based on unbroken, Chinese calligraphy writing, energy production and yogic postures.

The Sydney-based teacher’s Calligraphy Yoga system is focuses on three main circulations within the human body: blood, mental/nervous and digestive circulation. Master Yang considers these circulations to be “the pillar” of longevity and good health which, he says, is why they are points of focus.

Master Yang’s belief is that all yoga should be alive, with Qi energy powering every movement. Moreover, that this energy can be held and controlled within us, by us, for our own well-being or can be transmitted to others for the purpose of healing.

Workshop attendees will be introduced to this unique form of yoga and learn how to incorporate the postures in their everyday life for improved health, wellbeing and vitality.

Further details about the Auckland workshop will be available soon.


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