Australian Woman Reclaims Name After 50 Years

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1960s Australia and a teacher decides to change a child’s name—simply because she was unable to pronounce it. Here is her story. More than half a century ago—a baby was born in a barn in a small village called Dolno Srpci, in the then Yugoslavia. She was named Mirjana, her name to mean “Peace on ...

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The Big Secret Behind Our Self-Help Culture

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What if our culture’s addiction to self-help exploration, actually hid a secret that we’re not improving ourselves physically, mentally or spiritually? According to mindset coach, thought leader and author, Maria Boznovska, the self-help industry, popularised in 1980s, enables people to remain in their comfort zones, seeking “perpetual change and quick fixes”, rather than truly doing ...

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Thought Leader Maria Boznovska: 2019 AusMumpreneur Awards Nominee

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Author, thought leader and mindset coach Maria Boznovska has been nominated in two categories in the upcoming AusMumpreneur Awards, to be held in Melbourne in September. The Sydney-based mum-of-four has garnered attention for her work in human potential and empowerment, as well as her heart-led input to her Live Gratefully community—a social group of 22,000 ...

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How to Choose Gratitude Over Consumerism this Christmas

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Author, thought leader and motivational speaker Maria Boznovska’s personal lessons of “filling the gap with gratitude” — With Christmas comes calls for gift giving; hurried dashes to the mall that include, for many, going into credit card debt to fulfill the overwhelming pressure of needing to ensure Santa is a jolly generous fellow. While the ...

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Why Menopause Accelerates Ageing & What to Do About It

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A new study is the first to demonstrate menopause makes women age faster. Research from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)[1] has shown menopause increases biological ageing. Two separate studies, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, also found insomnia—often a menopausal symptom—definitively accelerates ageing. “For decades, scientists have disagreed over ...

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Expert Tips for Optimal Men’s Health

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Did you know? Kiwi men live on average four years less than women, however are less likely to talk about health concerns. Meanwhile, one Kiwi man dies every three hours from a potentially avoidable illness, says Statistics New Zealand. While these numbers are concerning, there are positive steps men can take to boost their wellbeing, ...

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Beat Stress and Mood Swings Naturally

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Do you burst into tears for seemingly no reason, snap at those closest to you and generally feel moody, sometimes angry and just plain “out of sorts”? While stress, mood swings and low energy have become accepted symptoms of modern living for most women, there is a natural remedy that has helped thousands balance their hormones and take control ...

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An Expert Plan to Shake off the Winter Blues + RECIPE

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How to Boost Immunity, Feel Better and Get Summer-Ready The cold, wet weather can leave many unmotivated, unwell or just plain underwhelmed. For some, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a daily reality in the chillier months—a form of depression that may be improved by adopting new habits. According to the Mental Health Foundation, less sunlight ...

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