Going Organic and Why it Matters + Janella Purcell Recipe

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organicWith progress has come short cuts, and nothing has been affected by our need for “now” than our food—the fuel we rely on to not only live, but to thrive.

When our food is sprayed, processed, added to, artificially enhanced or genetically modified, we lose not only vital nutrients, but also connection to what real food really is; how it looks, tastes and affects our overall wellbeing.

Soil health also largely determines how much nutrition we are able to get from wholefoods. When the earth is depleted of minerals and trace elements, our nutrient intake suffers, says naturopath, nutritionist, chef and bestselling author Janella Purcell.

An advocate for the SLOW (Sustainable. Local. Organic. Whole) food movement, Janella also recommends adding high quality wholefood supplementation to the daily diet, in order to “make up for” what’s missing on our modern breakfast, lunch and dinner plates.

For almost two decades, Janella has used, recommended and prescribed premium wholefood supplements from ethical and sustainable producer, Lifestream, which has a dedicated range of organic products, certified by the AsureQuality Organic Certification. The New Zealand-based company has been a real food supplementation pioneer for more than 35 years.

From spirulina to algal calcium and plant based super proteins; the brand nutritionally covers essential nutrition, optimum digestion, natural endurance, enhanced support and women’s health.

“These nutritional supplements are whole-food form, which preserves the nutrients the whole food provides, rather than incomplete isolated components of the food,” Janella says. “The Lifestream certified organic range is second-to-none, from nutrient-dense grasses to protein-rich spirulina.”

However, Janella says the sheer amount of supplements available on-shelf is creating consumer confusion.

“Just because a product has ‘organic’ emblazoned across it, does not mean it has met all of the requirements for organic certification—an extensive, detailed process to ensure not only are the products organically grown, but also tells those buying the product that you can trust what’s inside to truly boost nutritional intake, without the nasties.”

“It can be hard to find your way through the huge range of products,” Janella said. “That’s why I put my name to Lifestream—so people know I’ve done the background check for them.”

Janella adds: “Organic products come from sustainable farming without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other synthetic chemicals.”

Janella’s Top Supplement Shopping Tips:

  • Choose products with only natural ingredients;
  • Ensure there is a high percentage of each ingredient;
  • Look for AsureQuality organic certification;
  • Check the company’s longevity and philosophy.

Lifestream Certified Organic Range Includes:

Barley and Wheat Grass, $26.95RRP
Barley Grass, $35.95RRP
Organic Wheat Grass, $36.95RRP
Organic Chlorella, $32.95RRP
CC Flax, $34.90RRP
Essential Berries, $44.95RRP
Natural Calcium, $19.95RRP
Organic Spirulina Boost, $33.95RRP
Organic Spirulina Immunity, $29.95RRP

Janella’s Certified Organic Summer Smoothie

1.5 cups coconut water or clean water

0.5 cups fruit like paw paw, pineapple or berries

1 tsp Certified Organic Lifestream CC Flax

1/3 cup kefir (optional)