Why Food Doesn’t Cure Cancer and other Diseases

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Recent reports about food’s inability to cure cancer and other diseases are missing vital pieces of the wellness puzzle, says health expert.

Natural healing therapies and alternative approaches to reversing diseases such as cancer may not be as ineffective as widely reported, according to natural health expert Tyler Tolman.

The healing and fasting specialist, who has worked successfully with thousands of clients to assist reversal of such conditions as liver, colon and prostate cancers, Lyme, Crohns, Motor Neuron diseases, obesity, hypertension, arthritis and eczema, says disease is a “multi-faceted breakdown of various systems within the body” therefore requires a systematic approach to reversal and ultimate healing—something food alone cannot achieve.

“Cancer is curable,” Tolman says. “We just have to understand why it has occurred in the first place and our modern lifestyle has much to do with why we see this disease is now one of the leading causes of death in Australia. One in two Australian men and one in three Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85* and it’s estimated one in two people will have cancer by 2020. Do you think this is how nature intended life to be? Absolutely not.”

Addressing the Cause of Disease

Tolman says what many put in their body is just one factor that may lead to ill health and ultimately disease.

“Our digestive system is meant to be a system of nutrition that gives our body all of the required vitamins, minerals and everything we require for the cells to function how they should. It was never meant to be a trash heap where things are brought into the body that weren’t meant to be a part of this system,” he says.

“Eating highly processed refined foods, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and dead animals that have been cooked too much and loaded with all kinds of chemicals back the system up and create plaque, which leads to disease.”

Environmental pollutants such as smog, car fuels, personal care items, airborne toxins and intentionally contaminated municipal water are additional factors that place further stress on a body already overloaded by toxic lifestyle choices.

Tolman says most disease manifests from three main factors:

  1. Clogging and poisoning of the system;
  2. Not getting sufficient nutrition so the body’s cells can operate effectively;
  3. Structural damage.

The holistic health coach, who runs in-demand healing and fasting sessions at his Bali-based retreat, adheres to the seven principles of health to assist his clients with disease reversal and recovery—the same natural laws followed by some of history’s greatest minds including Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Socrates, Paracelsus and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The 7 Principles of Health

“The seven principles of health are focussed on cleaning and opening all the channels of elimination and ultimately nourishing the body and giving it what it needs to thrive,” says Tolman.


Breathe clean air deeply. Breathing fresh, clean air deeply through the lungs is vital. If we look at turtles and elephants and some of the longest living animals on the planet, they breathe long and deep. Breathing deeply through the nose, into the stomach and out through the mouth oxygenates and alkalizes the body. When you are breathing deeply, you want to breathe clean air, so get some plants into your environment. Plants naturally detoxify the air around us. Studies• have shown plants eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and other chemicals in our living and working environments.


Consume fresh, clean water. Being properly hydrated increases blood volume, therefore the blood can flow. The lymphatic system then has enough water to eliminate the waste. Hydrating the body is absolutely essential for health. Drink a litre of water with a squeezed lemon when you first wake up. I recommend drinking one litre of water per 22 kilograms of body weight per day.


Move the body. Life is movement. Exercise helps eliminate waste through the lymphatic system and via sweating. We have four channels of elimination: Defecation, urination, perspiration and respiration. The first three require hydration. In order to have bowel movements we need to be hydrated properly. We also need to eat foods that come from nature that are fresh, which contain typically between 70 and 80 percent water content. When we cook the water content out of foods we need to at least get it from an outside source, which is through drinking more water or freshly squeezed juice. Then we have urination to eliminate toxins from the body through the kidneys and the urinary system. To do this effectively we need to drink enough fluids. Then we have perspiration, which is sweating. If we aren’t hydrated properly, we can’t eliminate properly.


Get outside without sunscreen. Sunshine is also critical to human health because it converts cholesterol to Vitamin D, which is a key hormone that balances many of the body’s systems including the endocrine system, which enables the body to communicate properly. Every cell of the body uses light information to know the life cycle process: when the cells should live, grow, reproduce and die. Vitamin D has been found to literally prevent an enormous number of diseases including cancer.

Check your skin type and UV index to get proper amounts of Vitamin D without burning or causing damage. Clean the skin and use coconut oil (a mild form of natural protection) while also nourishing the skin.


Eat real foods in their natural state. Eating fresh whole foods from nature that contain fibres, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and water is crucial. These fibres and water content move through the system cleaning out plaque. They clean waste out of the way while also allowing the body to uptake vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, micronutrients and all of the things it requires for the cells to grow. Essential amino acids allow the body to make protein for muscle so the metabolism can work properly. All of these are found in whole foods in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. Nearly every one of these foods is complete in the essential amino acid range as long as you eat enough calories. Studies have found that when you take nearly any food at 2200 calories it contains more than the daily requirement of even the eight essential amino acids (protein)**.


Spend time healing and maintaining relationships. Health is not just about breathing clean air, drinking water, exercising and sunshine. It is also about our relationships. Anyone knows if they have bad relationships it causes a high level of anger. An anger molecule within the body is just as real as an actual physical poison molecule. We can feel the toxicity within our bodies. Stress can stop the digestive system. Stress can put us in a fight or flight mode, which activates the adrenal glands, which shuts down the thyroid. So then the metabolism is working solely from cortisol. So you can see that if the system is constantly being shut down by stress it can literally stop the digestive process, clog up the system, cause all kinds of hormonal imbalances and so on.


Do something you love and care about. Passion. It’s the reason we’re here. Every person thrives when they truly find what they love to do. I like to say with passion it’s like “pass-ing ions”—like electrical energy through the body. When I’m in my pass-ion I feel alive and invigorated. Some people thrive on passion—and even on their mission in life, solely. You find inventors and people that are highly into their trade that smoke cigarettes, drink soda, never eat good food and have horrible relationships. But they are so passionate that they end up living long lives solely based on this passion. This is how powerful passion is.

“It’s the combination of good clean air, water, sunshine, exercising, taking in wholefoods, having positive relationships, and finding our passion that leads to a long, healthy beautiful life,” Tolman says. “One without the other and we will still have some level of imbalance.” We can choose to embrace and live in the balance that these principles teach us—healthy living isn’t just about what you eat.”


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