How to Treat Pimples and Acne from the Inside Out

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Award-winning Qsilica launches natural supplement and skincare system: Qsilica Naturally CLEAR

A comprehensive three-step, inside and out treatment to help sufferers manage and heal blemishes and pimples has launched, offering a natural, holistic regimen to help treat the skin conditions.

Qsilica Naturally CLEAR is a gentle yet effective internal and external range of natural formulations that work synergistically to cleanse, address and repair the symptoms of blemishes and mild to moderate acne.

It’s an internal and topical approach usually not considered with acne remedies, which may offer internal medication or treatment applied to the skin. These often include harsh ingredients that come with undesirable side effects, such as, but not limited to, sensitive, dry, flaky skin.

Qsilica Naturally CLEAR is made with natural herbs, essential vitamins and minerals and formulated with the range’s hero ingredient silica – an important healing and nourishing mineral. These ingredients may help soothe irritated skin and clear blemishes.

Adult acne is a skin condition that affects 35% and 50% of Australian women and men respectively[1], as well as 93.3% of teens aged between 16 and 18[2]. Acne sufferers in particular have been found to suffer from low self-esteem particularly as the condition continues or presents itself in adulthood, say researchers[3].

How Qsilica Naturally CLEAR works from the inside out:

  1. CLEANSE – Internally detoxifies, cleanses and purifies the blood. Externallyremoves dirt and dead skin cells;
  2. TREAT – Internally supports normal hormone function through androgen regulation, while antioxidants assist the body’s natural free radical defences. Externally kills pimple-causing bacteria at the site;
  3. REPAIR – Internally promotes skin healing through cellular support and repair. Externallycalms skin and reduces redness through anti-inflammatory properties.

A naturally gentle approach to treating blemishes and acne

The Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Support Tablets* are formulated using natural ingredients to support hormonal balance, blood purification and antioxidant support, while aiding skin repair. These include burdock and barberry root extracts, silica, green tea, zinc, vitamin A and vitamins B3, B5 and B6.

Meanwhile, the Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Cleanser and Spot Gel are formulated from willow bark extract, Canadian Willowherb, silica and salicylic acid, to gently minimise pimple-causing bacteria plus remove dirt and excess oil. They also help to calm irritated skin.

“Skin issues aren’t always just physical,” says Qsilica expert and formulator Jessica Palmer. “It can be an emotional, expensive roller coaster ride; a frustration that can lead sufferers to harsh chemical ingredient formulas that may work for a time, but do so at the sake of destroying internal balance, sensitising the skin, drying it out and causing skin damage.”

“Qsilica Naturally CLEAR is not only naturally gentle, it also approaches breakouts from all aspects, working with the body to return to balance, without the side effects so commonly found with pharmaceutical blemish and acne treatments.”

The Qsilica Naturally CLEAR product range includes:

  • Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Support Tablets*containing nutrients that play a key role in healthy hormone balance, which is important for maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin A and zinc protect the cells from free radical damage and assist skin repair, while herbal extracts of barberry and burdock roots and green tea support skin detox and blood purification. The formulation may bring relief for those suffering from blemishes to mild and moderate acne outbreaks. $29.95 RRP.

* Contraindications: Qsilica Naturally Clear Skin Support Tablets contain Vitamin A (as Retinyl Acetate). If you are pregnant, or considering becoming pregnant, do not use supplements containing Vitamin A without consulting your doctor or pharmacist. When taken in excess of 3000 micrograms retinol equivalents, Vitamin A can cause birth defects.

  • Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Cleanser: A gentle, yet effective formulation that cleanses skin thoroughly and removes dirt, makeup and excess oil, while maintaining natural moisture, without clogging pores. Vitamin E, jojoba oil and mineral silica help to rebalance the skin. Free from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance and colours.  $24.95 RRP.
  • Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Spot Gel. Willow bark, salicylic acid and Canadian Willowherb, mineral silica and tea tree extracts combine with naturally soothing aloe vera and cucumber extracts to nurture and calm irritated skin. Salicylic acid helps remove dead skin, killing pimple-causing bacteria. Made without artificial fragrances, colours, parabens or sulfates. $17.95 RRP.
  • Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Blemish Control Kit:A comprehensive three-step system containing skin support tablets, skin cleanser and spot gel, which synergistically address blemish-prone skin. A great regimen for those wanting to treat skin conditions, such as mild adult acne, internally and externally. $59.95 RRP.

The Qsilica Naturally CLEAR range is available in leading pharmacies, health food stores nationwide and at

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