Winter Beauty Must Haves Boasting Essential Mineral Silica

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Multi-award-winning skincare and supplement brand Qsilica, formulated from naturally occurring mineral silica, boasts a suite of beauty must haves for skin that glows, hair that shines and nails that stay strong. Australian made and owned, Qsilica is one of the country’s top-selling and best loved beauty supplement brands.

Natural Beauty Must-Haves

Derived from quartz crystal, the hero ingredient silica is one of the body’s essential nutrients that fosters strong and vibrant connective tissue, the foundation of skin, hair and nails. However, silica naturally depletes as we age, making Qsilica ideal for daily replenishment. 


Pictured above: Qsilica Colloidal Silica Gel 500ml $32.95 RRP

Beauty from the Inside Out

Qsilica’s philosophy of ‘beauty from the inside out’ is based on knowledge that maintaining real beauty andvibrancy can only come from both an internal and topical approach. The award-winning Qsilica One-A-Day Formula blends colloidal mineral silica with selenium and zinc to protect against free radical damage, as well as the nutrient biotin to help strengthen hair and nails.


Pictured above: Qsilica One-A-Day Formula 30 tabs  $34.95 RRP

Fostering Youthful Skin

Qsilica skincare is rich in colloidal silica, which treats ageing signs topically. The entire range is infused with natural antioxidants and vitamins, to foster a youthful glow, promote radiance and maintain elasticity and suppleness. Qsilica also uses only clinically proven ingredients. Whilst the Qsilica Pro Collagen supplement delivers clinically proven Lipowheat™ to replenish skin’s texture, hydration and appearance.


Pictured above: Qsilica Pro Collagen One-A-Day Formula 30 tabs $49.95 RRP + Qsilica Replenish Wrinkles and Bags Eye Cream 30ml $27.95 RRP

Rest and Replenish for Beauty

The formulators at Qsilica understand the body’s natural cycles of repair and regeneration. They also understand how to support this cycle with natural, bioavailable nutrition that promotes healthy skin, all while you sleep.


Pictured above: Qsilica Skin Regeneration Beauty Sleep 60 tabs $44.95 RRP

Australian Made, Cruelty-free and Vegan

Only natural ingredients are used in Qsilica products, with the topical and internal ranges free of chemicals, parabens, sulphates, petroleum and synthetic additives and none are tested on animals. ProudlyAustralian owned and made.


+ COMING SOON! Qsilica to launch an INNOVATIVE ACNE TREATMENT, based on its award-winning philosophy of treating skin issues from the inside out.

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