Why Whole Body Health Begins with the Brain

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+ World’s leading healthy brain supplement range launches new look to coincide with World Mental Health Day, October 10

Every aspect of daily living relies on the health of our brain. So why does this major organ, which is vital to whole body health, often get forgotten in the pursuit of health and happiness?

On the eve of World Mental Health Day tomorrow (October 10), the world’s leading and most scientifically tested healthy brain supplement range, Efamol, is urging young and old to adopt simple habits that can lead to a healthier brain—and therefore body.

Nutritional neuroscientists have long known[1] good brain health can set the scene for the entire body—lifting mood, enhancing problem solving and ensuring optimal overall function. Now researchers are also uncovering just how important Omega-3 DHA is for enhancing brain health through development, as well as ageing.

Studies show regular intake of DHA, decrease risk of depression[2]. Adding therapeutic, clinically proven blends of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils (Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs) is important to prevent and even reverse symptoms of mental some illnesses, regardless of age, say researchers.

The body cannot make EFAs, they must be added to daily nutrient intake through food or supplementation[3].

Brain Health at Every Age and Stage

While studies[4] have shown it’s the over 40s who need to be most aware of how their mental health is affecting their work, family and social lives; high grade, therapeutic DHA oils have proven[5] benefits for young and old.

It’s known that the volume of the brain and/or its weight declines with age at a rate of around five percent per decade after age 40[6] with the actual rate of decline possibly increasing with age, particularly over 70[7]. However, including a pure, reliable source of DHA supports daily cognitive function throughout life; healthy growth and brain development in babies, children and teenagers; and deterring symptoms that can be associated with brain ageing.

Different life stages also call for specific healthy fats needs. Efamol, which stands for Essential Fatty Acids Molecule, has formulated and perfected specific therapeutic blends over three decades; high quality, independently researched products that that can be taken throughout life. These encompass vision, hormonal health and memory.

Efamol’s Efalex Original Brain Formula is a unique DHA-rich combination of fish oil and Evening Primrose Oil, providing the important DHA, AA and GLA nutrients, which play a vital role in eye and brain function—for young and old,” says naturopath Shelley Atkin. “As a company Efamol have led the international field in scientific research and development of essential fatty acid health supplements—no other brand can claim that.”

The brand also offers Efalex Brain Liquid, popular with children thanks to its natural lemon and lime flavor.

How to Choose the best source of Omega-3 DHA

With consumers given much choice when it comes to how to supplement their diet with healthy fats, from on-special fish oils to the latest vegetable oil blends, there’s good reason to choose a product that comes with guaranteed potency, purity and therapeutic effectiveness. Recently, fish oils have garnered media attention for concerns specific to contaminant levels, oxidization and other quality issues[8].

“Quality and purity is so important,” says Atkin. “If you’re going to put something into your body, you need to know what it is your taking—your brain and body needs the best in order to function the best.”

“Looking after our brain through adequate nutrition and supplementation can have positive effects on many areas of life, as our brain really is the captain that sails the ship,” Atkin says. “A healthy functioning brain can also help us reach our wellness or weightloss goals easier and generally have a more positive outlook on life.”

Researchers and health professionals agree that knowing what you’re taking is the first step in fostering or regaining cognitive health.

✓ Choose a brand that has the years of scientific research behind it
✓ Select a supplement that has proven efficacy, purity and results over many years
✓ Ensure the brand spends more dollars on research than marketing
✓ Always go for proven quality over price

5 Daily Habits for Good Mental Health

  1. Invest in quality time with friends and family
  2. Take two Efamol Efalex Original Brain Formula capsules every morning
  3. Exercise your brain with mind puzzles and new tasks
  4. Eat a nutrient-rich diet
  5. Exercise your body as well as your brain each day

* Efamol Efalex Brain Formula, 240 capsules, $44.95 RRP. Efamol Efalex Brain Oral Liquid, 500ml, $49.95 RRP. Efamol is available at pharmacies, health food stores and online at: www.planethealth.com.au


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The Efamol range of Essential Fatty Acids also includes:

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