Ban Body Shaming for all Women, says Mindset Coach Kylie Ryan

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5 Ways Women Can Stand up to Appearance Criticism

Body shaming has once again come into the spotlight with the recent criticism of pregnant media personality Sarah Harris, who faced public criticism after  “unflattering” photos of her were published at seven months’ pregnant.

Mindset coach and weightloss expert Kylie Ryan says society needs to take the stand that body shaming is unacceptable for all women, especially those more vulnerable and sensitive in the pregnancy journey.

Kylie, who has helped her clients achieve body acceptance and lasting weight loss through techniques such as coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), says having a media celebrity attacked for her appearance shows the need for all women to have self-compassion.

“As a mindset coach, I urge women to look at the false beliefs underlying their weight gain rather than give in to pressure and criticism from society,” Kylie says. “Paradoxically one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy body size is acceptance and love of your body. Shaming yourself or others for their body shape is a predictor of weight and body image problems.”

As a mindset coach, I urge women to look at the false beliefs underlying their weight gain rather than give in to pressure and criticism from society

Kylie, a mother of two, says Harris is a role model for all mums, encouraging them to embrace their pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies, rather than risking their health through dangerous diets.

“Women do feel vulnerable when they are pregnant and need to be compassionate to themselves and stand up to anyone who gives unsolicited advice or says mean and hurtful things.”

Kylie’s aim is to teach women (pregnant or not) how to nourish and love themselves to their best body and life. Through her own personal development, she addressed being overweight and lost 30kg. She distilled her experience into a holistic approach that helps women discover and break through their emotional blocks that keep the weight coming back.

Using the latest coaching techniques, Kylie delves into the deeper issues beyond the weight gain and guides clients to achieve amazing results across the board: in health, relationships, career and business; as well as weight loss.

5 Ways Women Can Stand up to Body Criticism. Kylie’s tips:

1. Focus on being well and all the miracles that your body does for you, rather than judging it on how it looks.

2. Ignore the critics – remember that haters are only showing their own insecurities by wasting time being mean.

3. Your worth isn’t measured by your dress size or weight – keep yourself feeling good in your body with movement and nutrition that makes you feel energised and healthy.

4. Stand up for yourself – follow Sarah’s lead and tell the haters to “get stuffed!”

5. Change your self-talk – be kind to yourself inside as well, sometimes our greatest critic can be ourselves.

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