Leading Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chef Janella Purcell Named Lifestream Brand Ambassador

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Leading nutritionist, naturopath and chef, Janella Purcell, has been announced as a brand ambassador for Lifestream International—one of New Zealand’s most premium and trusted wholefood, superfood and supplement brands.

A sought-after naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist, environmentalist, TV presenter and chef, Purcell has been the face of Lifestream in Australia since 2014, working as a natural health educator and ambassador of such wholefood products as Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Chlorella and Barley Grass.

She will now extend her expertise to the New Zealand market, where she is known for her four bestselling books: Janella Purcell’s Elixir, Eating for the Seasons, Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen and Janella’s Super Natural Foods.

The collaboration comes as Lifestream International rolls out a brand refresh across the entire range of 50 wholefood product lines.

Purcell has been a regular on Australian television with a segment on What’s Good For You and The Biggest Loser, and as the “good chef” on Good Chef, Bad Chef. She is also a contributor and columnist for some of Australasia’s best-loved magazines, websites and blogs.

The natural health expert has personally used Lifestream products for more than 15 years, also recommending them to her naturopathic clients at her clinics in Sydney and Bangalow, New South Wales.

“Our philosophies are the same, so it was only natural that we should collaborate. Lifestream understands that every person has their own nutritional needs, yet everyone requires clean, natural wholefoods and supplements that support the body in pursuit of vitality, nourishment and protection. I’m so thrilled to be involved with a company that has such an uncompromising commitment to excellence,” says Purcell. “I love New Zealand and am excited to be working with Lifestream in their own backyard.”

Lifestream International’s marketing communication manager Juliette Banks, says Purcell is a perfect fit for the company and its commitment to provide only the cleanest, healthiest and most sustainable wholefood and superfood supplements.

“Janella Purcell is widely considered one of Australasia’s most knowledgeable and approachable nutritionists, naturopaths and chefs—we are both excited to announce an extension of our partnership that means her expertise will be shared with our loyal Kiwi customers, as well as those in Australia,” Juliette says.

“Her depth of nutritional knowledge and unwavering commitment to mindfully sourcing the most natural, wholefood ingredients makes her the ideal ambassador for the Lifestream brand. Janella and Lifestream both work from the philosophy that clean wholefoods are our medicine. When we feel better, we think better and ultimately make better choices for ourselves, our family, our friends, our community.”Janella_Purcell_Lifestream_wholefoods

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