Why Feasting Now and Fasting Later Won’t Work

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With the festive season in full swing, Australian weight-loss motivation expert Kylie Ryan warns against New Year’s weight loss resolutions

New Year’s resolutions date back to about 2000 B.C., in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Babylon. But when it comes to dieting, they haven’t stood the test of time, says My Mind Coach Kylie Ryan.

“We’re all ‘programmed’ to set New Year resolutions, but who really sticks to them? By February, most New Year diets have gone off the rails,” she says.

“Rather than making all-or-nothing resolutions, set a clear intention about the future you that you would like to become.”

Kylie, who has spent the past 10 years guiding clients to lasting weight loss through techniques such as coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), advises people to think about and make one small change instead of trying to change everything all at once.

“There’s no quick fix – it can take up to six weeks to make one tiny change and embed it as a habit. But the snowball effect of making one effective, lasting change is huge, you’d be surprised how many other things are positively affected.”

While Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations can be a time of over-indulgence for many, Kylie believes in focussing on health now through the festive season, and making better choices, rather than putting wellbeing on hold until the New Year.

“Destructive eating and drinking habits are caused by emotional blocks and negative thinking patterns & beliefs. Many people use Christmas as an excuse to binge, and then regret it later. What people don’t realise is that you can have your cake and eat it too when you address WHY you overeat or drink, and clear those emotional issues. Then you are able to enjoy those treat foods and stop easily without stuffing yourself to numb emotions.”

Kylie’s top five tips for a healthier start to the New Year without resolutions

1. Self-compassion is the key to making long-term changes – be kind to yourself.

2. Think about that future you – Think about what habits your future self does, that you don’t. And what they don’t do, that you are still doing. Then pick one habit that you want to shift, and begin to change just that one.

3. Think of others – Christmas bring up a lot of emotions, from grief as people remember loved ones no longer here, to anger and frustration of being cooped up in traffic or long car trips. Instead of turning to food and alcohol, open your heart to compassion and friendship, and think of your loved ones around you.

4. Choose a health goal today – Stop the dramatic shifts that you know you will never stick to, instead pick something small. It can be as simple as switching from creamy café lattes to long blacks!

5. Walk the walk, instead of talking the talk – Use the Christmas time of and cooler Spring weather to kick-start your metabolism and exercise program with sports, and incidental exercise, get outside, laugh and move your body.

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