Expert Tips for Optimal Men’s Health

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Did you know? Kiwi men live on average four years less than women, however are less likely to talk about health concerns. Meanwhile, one Kiwi man dies every three hours from a potentially avoidable illness, says Statistics New Zealand. While these numbers are concerning, there are positive steps men can take to boost their wellbeing, ...

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An Expert Plan to Shake off the Winter Blues + RECIPE

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How to Boost Immunity, Feel Better and Get Summer-Ready The cold, wet weather can leave many unmotivated, unwell or just plain underwhelmed. For some, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a daily reality in the chillier months—a form of depression that may be improved by adopting new habits. According to the Mental Health Foundation, less sunlight ...

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Keep Calm and Foster Heart Health, Naturally

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Lifestream International has launched a high strength supplement, which may contribute benefits to a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle regimen. Formulated with widely researched, antioxidant-rich polyphenol, resveratrol, as well as tart cherry, Lifestream HEART HEALTH+ may help foster healthy sleep patterns, a habit which could lower stress levels. As with all Lifestream products, HEART HEALTH+ does ...

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High Energy Superfood for Better Health

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Lifestream International has launched a high-energy, certified organic superfood made from a pure blend of the 12 most nutritious sprouts available. Certified Organic SPROUTED SUPERFOODS is a highly nutrient dense, plant-based, absorbable wholefood supplement, formulated to support a healthy heart, digestion, glucose metabolism and free radical scavenging (anti-ageing). It is a concentrated blend of amaranth, quinoa, ...

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New Look for Iconic Kiwi Superfood Company, Lifestream International

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Lifestream International will officially unveil its new look today, which will roll out across its 50 superfood and wholefood product lines. Celebrity chef (The Biggest Loser, Good Chef/Bad Chef), nutritionist, naturopath and bestselling author, Janella Purcell, will be special guest at a wholefood high tea, a media-only event to be held in Grey Lynn from 2.30pm. Long before the ...

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Revolutionary Protein Powder Launches

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Lifestream has formulated a revolutionary protein powder developed from highly nutritious marine microalgae, which provides more protein per 100g than any animal source[1]. PURE PROTEIN is a bioavailable, vegetarian wholefood sourced from superfood chlorella, known for its nourishing properties, as well as its high protein content. New Zealand owned and operated; Lifestream International has provided ...

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Leading Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chef Janella Purcell Named Lifestream Brand Ambassador

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Leading nutritionist, naturopath and chef, Janella Purcell, has been announced as a brand ambassador for Lifestream International—one of New Zealand’s most premium and trusted wholefood, superfood and supplement brands. A sought-after naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist, environmentalist, TV presenter and chef, Purcell has been the face of Lifestream in Australia since 2014, working as a natural ...

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How to Support Internal Wellbeing, Naturally

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Lifestream launches URINARY SOOTHE & ADVANCED BOWEL SUPPORT New Zealand’s favourite wholefood supplement company, Lifestream, has launched two internal health-supporting natural formulas to soothe urinary and bowel discomforts. Lifestream Urinary Soothe is a high-strength, all-natural cranberry formula, which also contains the company’s hero ingredient, aloe vera. When combined with cranberry, aloe vera may help with bowel regularity, ...

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